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tahoe. family tells us what it is like not knowing. if i will ever see her again. >> feds investigate google. what they concluded about the company business practice after 2 year inquirey. >> and the origin of iconic phrase in question tonight. what neal armstrong brother says about that giant leap ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ]
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♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. >> good evening. notice a 1,000 dollareward to track down bay area woman missing near tahoe. 19-year-old miss burn of petaluma last texted her mother on sunday. she was partying with friends at the
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horizon casino resort in state line, nevada. investigators searched the area for clue today and found no trace of her. last person to see burns spotted her on the casino floor just after the new year arrive arrived. her family friends in petaluma obviously are extremely worried frantic in fact. however as wayne explains, they are trying to stay positive. >> most day most homes this is happy occasion. friends family from far and wide all unthe same roof. for kim burns that's not the case today. >> they have brought food. they have brought drinks. they have brought hope. >>reporter: nightmare of not knowing. 3 day noose what should have been a happy new year her 19-year-old daughter has vanished without a trace after attending new year's eve concert south lake tahoe. always been a good girl. not a person to drop out of contact. worry her parents or leave valued stuff behind. >> she would not take off without her lap top. she would
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not take off with at least a couple of toil try items. she would not take off without her dog. >>reporter: the fact she did stuff is left behind. >> it's very worrisome. >>reporter: hence the friends. fliers. facebook page now with thousands of hits. family members it's all a bit surreal. >> you think it only happens to other people and you can't imagine it happening to you. someone you love. >>reporter: the burns family of petaluma began the new year just like everyone else. not any more not until she comes home. what is this like. >> hell. hell. eric's at about 5:00 o'clock tonight candle yellow ribbon appeared outside the house in petaluma. kim told thus will not end for the family until her daughter comes home. word she used we are in it to win it f.they don't find her by tonight she says more friends family will be heading to south lake tahoe tomorrow, this is abc 7 news.
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>> mean time today in organize morgan hill. family of missing or murdered children unveil new high tech tool to protect kids from predators this comes on the birthday of kidnapped murdered victim polly class of petaluma. she died at the aim of 12. she would have turned 32 today. device include wrist watch with titanium infuse steel band that makes it first gps child locator hard to discard. >> if anyone was looking for me if i had the watch i would have been able to medley contact my family members. then i would have known they were getting in touch with the police department to help find me. >>reporter: that young woman was 9 when she was abduct entered 2000. class kids foundation unveiled on lean program to protect kids from abusive marketers and smart phone app to help find missing children. giants pitcher sergio has to report toless vegas courtroom. faces a misdemeanor summon for new years day incident at the airport. he
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was rae moved from the airport on new year's day. he did not have the proper i.d. at checkpoint which led to this confrontation. this evening romo released a statement in response it says would i like to sincerely apologize about the recent events at the last vision airport which brought negative attention to the san francisco giants organization and fans. i love and respect the giants. it goes on. my team mates and fans. and promise to conduct myself in the future in the san francisco giants way end quote. that's going forward. but what happened on new year's day? vick lee explains. ♪ . >>reporter: it was happy crowded holiday venue at the haze night club in las vegas december 30th. sergio romo was celebrating with other celebrity. pictured here with him forty-niner wide receiver michael crabtree. this was two days before the reported altercation at mccarran international airport. new year's morning just before 9
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the giants star pitcher went to the airport to board a southwest air lines flight back to san francisco. the tsa tells abc 7 news the incident happened at one of the security check points. the agency says a male passenger was unable to provide identification required of travelers. at the tsa document control station. that's when you show the i.d. before being screened. although the tsa spokesman would not identify romo by name we have confirmed through other sources it was romo. those sources tell us he was disruptive and got into a verbal altercation with at least one agent. tsa said further during the document identification process the airport police noticed the individual engaged in a dispute with a tsa officer and took action. security of other travelers was not compromised. metropolitan police department tells us officers saw romo in agitated posture. police say
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sergio romo was pacing around with clinched fist. officers policed him in handcuffs. police say they kept him cuffed until he calmed down. and was deemed not to be a threat here's some of the reaction outside at&t park dug out stor store. >> they stopped him because of that. he has no identification so maybe that's why they did it. >> i can't understand why somebody wouldn't know who he is automatically. for one. but it's against the law to not have your i.d. on you. yes with security being what it is. >>reporter: police cited romo with misdemeanor for violating airport rules. ncaa da has to decide whether or not to file formal charges. if he does, romo will have to appear in court. police released him after he was cited. now the big question is why was he act the the way he did. the giants have yet to rae respond. tried to reach romo but his agent did not return our calls. vick
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lee, 7 news. news tonight about another san francisco sports star 49ers kicker david acres says he received death threats on twitter. he made just 29 of 42 field goal this season. he missed 2 attempt on sunday and regular season finale. some fans took it too far evidently. threats came late in the december. acres has since shut down his twitter account and reported the threats to nfl security to investigate. come up later on in sports, sports director larry biel look at how acres also fight to go keep his job with the team. well as you know pretty chilly outside. another cold night in the bay area. spencer is here to let us know how cold it is going to get this evening. >> all right dan. look at live doppler 7 hd. cloud free sky and absence of clouds and daytime warming temperature plummet in case you need remin reminder. here's how cold it was this morning. low pressure drop to 26 in sonoma county airport. 27 at nap a.26 at fairfield. 27 at livermore effort. 28 at concord. really
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cold bay area stand arrested. well tonight another cold one. maybe not quite so cold but pretty cold. look for low of 29 and santa rosa overnight tonight. 29 at fairfield. 30 at livermore and napa low 30's in many other locations but this may the last night of the cold snap and then we can prepare for rain. accu-weather 7 day forecast coming up shortly. >> few days thanks spencer very much. >> latest suspect arrested in the murder of south bay millionaire made court appearance today. martin was arrested by sacramento police on saturday in connection with the high profile killing of businessman okay he's the fourth suspect to be taken into custody for the crime. how and why cool was killed is stool not known because details of the case are under seal. >> clearly we are going to be learning how did these defendants get into this house. how did they know that he had a lot of wealth. how did they
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know he had a coin collection. all of these things are going to be important. >> we uncovered new information through the court documents yesterday. weighs reported about his sordid past including alleges of sham divorce to hide millions of dollars in assets, filings also claim he was involved in risky business dealings over important nothing refuse and game bling. another court appearance for the suspect who are accused of killing him scheduled for tomorrow. san francisco police are lacking for 5 armed men who stole money electronic in home invasion this morning. police tell us the men showed knife and hand guns stormed into a home on 40th avenue just before 3:00 a.m. middle of the night. they took i phones and lap top as well as undisclosed amount of money. authorities have not said if the home was targeted. there were no injuries. oakland police say computer technology helped officers take a very powerful weapon off the
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street. >> sounds like that setoff the system on new year's eve. officers headed to the area of 84th avenue within seconds of the gun shots being picked up by group of micro phone placed around the neighborhood then try ang oscillating where specifically the shot was coming from of certificates can even see real time map in the patrol cars showing the location of those sounds. >> the way it work when gun is fired our sensors are tripped to detect large boomer bang sounds that are very similar to gunfire. just goes to show given technology the right amount of resources and correct direction we can really make a deputy in violent crime. >>reporter: special shots support team found a man who had this rifle police say he has a history of committing violent crimes too. happy to get him and the rifle. more to bring you this thursday night. google competitors were hoping the federal investigation would yield a slap in the face. however google received what some consider a slap on the
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wrist. but federal regulators say good google business practice. >> worldwide child porn crack down ladies to dozens of arres arrest. how authorities infiltrated this seedy disgusting industry. >> and did neal armstrong really ad libb the giant leap line when he landed on the moon. what his brother says about the iconic phrase. stay there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dual-air technology
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>>. >> tonight we are at the end of federal government nearly 2 year investigation into google business practices. the fcc accused google of trying to shut out competitors and considered anti-trust lawsuit. as jonathan explains, not everyone is happy about the outcome. >>reporter: google dodged a bullet on this one. this could have been very bad for them. instead they had to give up almost nothing. >>reporter: he has been following the case for almost two years. case that ended as federal trade commission chairman took the microphone in this blur write web cast to announce a settlement. first the commission ordered xwooing el to license it cell phone to
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competitor for reason price and drop the lawsuits against them since google bought motorola it has patent in almost every wir wireless device. >> geeling unfair conduct threatened to consumer access to lap top and tablet computer smart phone and gaming systems. >>reporter: google agreed to let web site opt out scraping where geeling integrates things like yelp review directly into map and other search results. >> anyone who used google got all the benefit of yelp product without ever having to visit yelp. they couldn't make any money off you if you were getting a you will your yelp review just a google search. >>reporter: third the commission found google was not unfairly rigging search results by favoring it own product. >> it's 5 nothing vote to close a search investigation. and the reason is it doesn't violate the american anti-trust law. >> gave goingally free pass on that. that issue its no. 1 most important issue to geeling and they got a pass.
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>>reporter: in a statement google said the conclusion is clear. google services are good for users and competition. but fair alips of google competitor including microsoft said the decision to close the investigation with only voluntary commitment from google is disappointing and premature. he oods minor commitment at that. >> ultimately these look more like scrap google gave up to the fcc for them to save face at the time they bet big on anti-trust lawsuit and come up empty this. >>reporter: afternoon south bay congresswoman said they are pleased with the settlement. both expressed concern over the investigation. in the newsroo newsroom, abc 7 news. shipment of bogus apple products from china is in the hand of u.s. custom officials tonight. shipment seized by custom board procedure texas agent when it arrived in anchorage, alaska. merchandise packaged for retail sale and had counterfeit connect or cables and power source for
9:18 pm
apple product. items had fake apple trademark even and logo for underwriter laboratory. custom official say the shipment is worth roughly 65 650,000 dollars. pretty good fake too. good thing they got them. >> let's get the full forecast. experience is here. it has been cold but now we may work a little rain natural mix. >> that's true that's true. one more cold morning coming our way then the rains pour down. live view from the high definition a little bit of xaj railings. sutro camera lookin lookinging out over san francisco on clear chilly nigh night. that is going to get colder as we get into the wee hours of the morning. look at live doppler 7 hd. cloud free skies and that often allows temperatures to drop rather sharply and that happens overnight. rate now looking at temperature readings of 38 degrees and fairfield 39 at concord 39 at livermore so you can see getting pretty chilly already in many locations especially in our inland valle
9:19 pm
valley. these are the forecast feature we'll see chilly to cold conditions overnight. a little bit warmer tomorrow and milder i should sayp today. rain likely on both saturday and sunday. satellite raid after composite image shows one frontal system fizzling if you will so that has had no significant effect in our weather but there is a stronger more vigorous system out to sea moving our way and likely to bring us rainfall this weekend. start our forecast animation 11:00 o'clock saturday morning at which point the rain is near clouds with us already and by mid afternoon we see rain spreading across the bay area into the evening early evening hours. pretty wet. doesn't look like very, very heavy system but certainly we have at least some moderate rainfall. overnight saturday night into sunday a bit of a break then early sunday into the midday hours we see rain developing again from second wave of rainfall come through so even though a break overnight and early sunday looks like wet weather saturday and wet weather late sunday. high
9:20 pm
pressure tomorrow under sunny skies will be mainly upper 50's in the south bay. 58 at san jose cupertino. sunnyvale santa clara peninsula mid upper 50's. 57 redwood city. 58 at palo alto and mountain view. 55 at pacifica on the coast and 58 at half moon bay which is pretty mild. downtown san francisco 55 tomorrow also 55 in the sun set district. north bay high range from mid upper 50's, 54 san rafael, 56 novato, 58 at santa rosa, 56 at sonoma, on the east bay we see high of 57 at berkeley hayward newark 58 union city at free mont inland east bay mid 50's for the most part. 54 at fairfield and concord 56 at danville and dublin and near monterey bay look for high on mild side actually compared to the remain dear of our viewing area. 60 at santa cruz monterey 61 at watsonville and holster and 62 at salinas. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast look at the various changes now
9:21 pm
pattern after cold frosty morning tomorrow and sunny day we get extra clouds over the weekend and rain likely on saturday and sunday. lingering showers are possible early monday but then it dries out and we have mainly dry weather for the remainder of next week. although there's a slight chance of showers again on wednesday. but next week looks like much dryer period of weather than what we can expect over the weekend. >> thanks very much. >> well as we continue. dangerous pain killer is widely used in college football. why medical experts say it is so risky if that situation. >> growing female force in washington. how record number of women in the senate are now being sworn n.tonight you will hear from a number of them.
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>> 113 congress was sworn in today including 20 female senators. it's the most women in any one senate ever in u.s. history. diane sawyer sat down with conversation with many of them. >> living breathing history climbing the stairs and sending a signal. 20 senator republican and democrat who say they have had it with grid lock and the way congress works. >> if they can delay a problem, pick an argument and wait until next year, they will do it. we don't believe in the culture of delay. >>reporter: the dean of senate women, senator bar were. for record 26 years she has brought the women together for private dinners. cheering them on with her slogan. >> square our shoulder put your lip stick on and fight the revolution. i don't want people to watch the show to think we are some kind of a sorority because we are not. we are, we all march to the
9:26 pm
sound of different drummers to some accident. >>reporter: but senator feinstein says women can be independent lawmakers and still work together. >> you know we are less on testosterone we don't have that need to always be confrontational. i think we are problem solvers. i think that's what this country needs. >> somebody said the women candidate speak softly and carry a big statistics. i do not agree with the speak softly part. when i saw president obama few week ago i told him about our quarterly dinner i said mr. president if you want to see bipartisanship in washington invite the women senator to help you get it done. he loved the idea. he plans to invite us to the white house. >>reporter: so they say they are ready to tackle big issues like jobs. transportation. immigration. but it's their male counter part who keep reopening roe vs. wade and contraception. >> most of us would agree that the government doesn't have a place in that. it's really individual family whose should
9:27 pm
make thos decisions. >> i'm pro choice so i don't disagree with what my friend jean just said but i think those issues should be settled and should not be the main focus of debate. >> i don't think they are entirely settled. that's the problem. there were amendment introduced to say that women wouldn't have access to health insurance coverage for birth control. there was a question raised about whether or not we'll really have enforcement equal pay for all work law. boy if that's the case, then we better stand up and we better speak out. >> but if congress was 51 percent women you can bet your bottom dollar we wouldn't be if debating contraception. >> talking about transportatio transportation, infrastructure or economic development or how to solve the budget deficit we keep facing these amendment on abortion it's like can't you just leave that alone?
9:28 pm
>> always brought by men. always brought by men. >>reporter: these new female arrival signal a modern era. the first female senator ever from nebraska deb fisher. first asian american woman elected to the senate and the first openly gay senator tammy baldwin of wisconsin who is in college when she was inspared by miss ferrar oychlt i said to myself i can do anything. the sky is the limit. >> america is ready to elect a female president. >> absolutely. the easy. >>reporter: how many of you think there will be a nominee, female nominee in 2016. >> i hope so. we hope is. >>reporter: is there a president in the room. >> maybe. oh, yes. maybe not in 20. >> i think the thing is that
9:29 pm
every man we accept in the morning and lack in the mirror and says i can be president. i think every woman in the mirror says what can i get done for my country today. >>reporter: no the one of you in the room says i can be president. >> you may think it from time to time. >>reporter: senator kelly tells a story of her 8-year-old daughter. >> she said to me mom, i don't want to you run for president i look at her i said kate i'm not running for president. why do you ask me that. she said mom because i want to be the first woman president. [ laughing] break the news her we are not waiting that long. >>reporter: fascinating discussion obviously. abc diane sawyer reporting. enter view taped before secretary of state hillary clinton was hospitalized. clinton says she plans to return to work next week. she was released from the hospital yesterday after three days of treatment for blood clot in her head. last month she suffered concussion
9:30 pm
after fainting from dehydration. today she told her senior staff she's eager and ready to get back to work. however secretary clinton still plans to step down from the post in the next few week. coming up. we lack at the first day back in school for the survivor of the newtown, connecticut shooting. >> lack at how authorities crack a massive international child pornography case. >> also investigation into how much college football uses a dangerous pain killer including a bay area university. >> neal armstrong brother tells new version about how the astronaut thought up the iconic moon listeneding phrase. stay moon listenedilook at you guys with your fanancy-schmay
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>> immigration custom officials rae veal disturbing results did of international crack did you know on child exploitation and
9:34 pm
pornography. operation sunflower kick off november 1st and more than 200 arrests have been made in just more than a month. brandy hit has the story. >>reporter: the dark world of child important nothing refuse is no longer underground. it's a growing international business. at the end of recent 5 week sting u.s. immigration and custom enforcement agent say they arrested 245 men and women accused of sexuallyhildre. >> the results were significant but grim. demands absolutely demands are full attention as a nation. >>reporter: unit also identified rescued 123 child victims. 110 of those victims were in the u.s. 46 were under the age of 12. and 5 unthe age of 3. >> when we fund frer of our victims they were living with the very person who was sexually abusing them. >>reporter: agents say with the help of the internet child
9:35 pm
porn is now being streamed leif world wide and they desperately need your help with several unsolved cases. ice says these 2 were seen in video molest ago girl 11 years ago in the los angeles area. the man face hidden the woman is exposed and she has several distinctive tattoos. this man is also wanted for questioning. agents say he's on tape molesting a young boy. and this man with gray hair and glasses is accused of sexually abusing a toddler. >> anyone could know these victims. these children and they are rae laying on all of us to help them. >>reporter: one of the most disturbing trend is the victim are getting younger. agent say some are babies and anyone with information on these cases can remain anonymous. brandy hit, abc news, los angeles. >> tonight there is major milestone in california effort to meet requirements of the nation health care reformula. obama administration today approved the state plan to run
9:36 pm
its own health insurance market. on line base marketplace is called covered california and allows to you buy private medical coverage. federal subsidy available for low middle income californians to help pay for this mandated coverage. >> you will get as good or better price through covered california whether you gate subsidy or not as you possibly get if i where in the market. >> good price but good coverage. >> great coverage. >>reporter: state hopes to cover two million uninsured californians through this exchange. covered california officials hope to begin enrollment in october and provide coverage beginning in january of next year. year from now. abc news investigation has found that a number of college football players across america have been given a powerful pain killer that is known to cause heart attack and strokes. drug is culled tore doll and one bay area university admits to giving those injections to the players. lee ann has the stor
9:37 pm
story. >> i'll be excited to be on a team that wants me. >>reporter: two years ago former usc football player suffered a heart attack. he was 20 at the time. he is suing the university for giving him several shots of powerful pain killer called tore doll. he says his client was injected repeatedly for pain in the ankle. >> inject him before the game started. they would then check with him at half time and bring it back in and they could see he was having a trouble and inject them again. >>reporter: we surveyed 25 colleges. some denied using the drug. other universities lake usc, clemson, texas a and am, oklahoma, nebraska hand so say reported giving their players this drug. brian ross more. >> college football team doctors across the country are using this pain killer so that injured+ players can get on the field and play for the team and help them win. >>reporter: manufacturer warning label specifically says the drug is not intended for
9:38 pm
pro listeninged periods otherwise a patient may suffer a fatal heart attack stroke or organ failure. but the attorney here says team doctors didn't tell him about the risk. >> at no point in time did they explain to him here's what we are injecting you with. here's the drug and risk of the drug. >>reporter: this surgeon who is very familiar with the drug. >> all the anti-inflammatory medication are known to have an increase risk of tlom pwoybingt event meaning the blood clots easily that can cause you to have heart attack or stroke. >>reporter: some are concerned that the ncaa has no kind of requirement to regulate or even track the use of this pain killer. and just short time ago san jose state university issued this statement. our student athletes 7 excellent medical care advice and treatment by highly skilled and knowledgeable doctors who put the student athletes well-being as the top priority. in san jose, abc 7 news.
9:39 pm
we have new details tonight about dallas cowboy player killed in a drunk driving cras crash. medical examiner says jerry brown junior was not intoxicated when he died. autopsy shows his blood alcohol level was.05 percent under the legal limit in techblingts avenues passenger in vehicle driven by teammate josh grant when they crashed. brent blood alcohol level however was twice the legal limit. brent has been charged with intoxication manslaughter. well for the first time since the shootings at sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut the school young students returned to class today not at the same school. they moved to refurbished building in none row nearby town. wendy has that story. >>reporter: students arrive by bus at the new sandy hook elementary to face what turned out to be a very ordinary day. police termed it mundane with nothing to report. exactly what they wanted as the
9:40 pm
children and teachers came together for the first time since the december 14th shootings in newtown. >> most ought kids were excite excited. seen friend they hadn't seen in awhile anxious to get natural hallway and meet up with the other kid and you could see the teach hers the same response. quite excited to see the students all together. >>reporter: police held meeting with parents to talk about security. they called the new school located in nearby monroe the safest in the country. >> parents were concerned. school board wanted to discuss any matter that is they brought up which they did. and i believe the parents were satisfied with the answer given under the circumstances. >>reporter: what police won't address are the exact security measures they have taken. administrators have shared more about what is instances the building including replica of the old class ramp and decoration sent from all over the world to comfort the children. first grader lauren had extra company to help her through what administrators are calling opening day. she's in the first grade class teacher hailed as hero for hiding her
9:41 pm
students when gunman lanza burst into the school. this morning lauren mom followed the bus to school and spent the day there. >> i got in the party about not being with them tl i just need to stay with them for awhile irmtion school is a mile down the road. police say there were therapy dog and counselors and familiar face shelly the turtle. school mascot who helped welcome become the students to class. wendy, abc news, monroe, connecticut. neal armstrong made a giant leap for mankind however the great line may not be all it seechlts what armstrong brother says ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ]
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♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app.
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>> one small step for for man. one giant leap for
9:45 pm
map kind. >> those iconic words of course spoken by neal armstrong after he listened on the moon. for years armstrong said he made up the line as he waited to exit the lunar landing. his brother says that's not true n.a new documentary dean says neal made up the phrase weeks before. he says the 2 were playing the board gym risk when neal handed him a slip of pavement it had the phrase that's one small step for a man. one giant leap for mankind written on it. word a was lost in transmissio transmission. the new bbc documentary about neal armstrong who died in august. documentary producer says this revelation doesn't diminish in any way the significance of armstrong's words. gentleman scientist mean time showing off an exciting new space discovery tonight. a baseball size meteorite from mars. it fell to earth in the sahara desert after year of study scientist determined it is 2.1 billion years old and contains more water than most other motor
9:46 pm
item this donated to the university of new mexico from somebody who bought tonight morrocco last year and could help explain how mars transformed from a tropical environment at one point to the a frigid space desert as it is now. well rare sight in san francisco. river otter has been spotted in the old sutro bath. find out what keeps him bath. find out what keeps him there and how he likely got
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
9:49 pm
i. >> you are about to see the first river otter spotted in san francisco in half a centur century. sutro sam. popular figure at the old central bath ruin where he lives in a fresh water pond. he eats gold fish released there. experts studying river otter can't
9:50 pm
explain where he came from precisely. best guess is that he swam across the golden gate from marin county where there is a growing river otter population. sutro sam was first spotted i bird watcher in september. two week earlier a report of river otter at baker beach. >> new list out tonight of healthiest city in america and 2 bay area city scored actually quite well. at the top of the list san francisco. salt lake city no. 2. and san jose came in in third place. 100 city on everything from medical care and obesity ritz to unemployment, even just general happiness. okays to are the best. as for the worst cities when it comes to health toledo at number 98 followed by philadelphia at 99 and at 100 alabama biggest city. that's birmingham. all of which is why we live here. it does feel kind of cold like the is back
9:51 pm
east these days. spencer back with the forecast and rain is coming. >> coming our way yes it is. couldn't tell that by the sky this is late afternoon. this is a time lapse view of the sunset from high definition east bay hills camera. sunset at 5:04:00 p.m. under a mainly clear sky and as you can sea life doppler 7 hd sky clear and few clouds offshore. they are moving in our direction. now tomorrow state wide mainly sunny day. pleasantly school in the northern two-thirds of the state. milder dup south with high in the upper 70's almost 70 at palm springs l.a. and san diego and here in the bay area we have mainly sunny skies tomorrow. high pressure a little bit mirld than today. upper 50's to near 60 in the warmest spot and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast that will all change on saturday as clouds arrive. we have rain coming in on saturday. into the afternoon evening hours a little bit of a break then more rain likely on sunday. maine maybe a lingering shower monmorning and
9:52 pm
next week dry. weekend a little bit soggy. >> looks like it. >> at least not killed. >> thank you spencer very much. >> sports director larry here and we look ahead to the forty-niner big game coming up in a week or so. lots to talk about tonight. >> injuries and wonder who is the kicker. 49ers get sent back on the practice field. wait until you see the brace wearing on the arm. let the booting begin. we will hear [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch,
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>> the final on passing cars. we have the latest on the stor story. >> and the provocative bus ad raising eyebrow local muslim trying to reclaim the word jihad. we explain what that's about. those stories and more coming up 7 news at 11:00 when we see you over on channel 7. >> larry is hear now interesting what is going on with the 49ers. >> david acres said today he had double hernia surgery in february. >> which we didn't know. >> no. we knew something was wrong. having pelvis issues but that's one of the problems at this point. last season he
9:56 pm
set a record for points. week one of the season obviously after his surgery he tied the nfl record for longest field goal ever. new he's fighting for the job. niners brought in vet run kicker and signed him to 1 year deal on tuesday to compete with acres. presumption is they will go head to head. one will earn the job for the play offs. he was cut by the redskins and missed 5 out of 12 this season and missed game winning kick. today harbaugh spent a lot of time watching 2 guys with big legs. >> laid out very clearly. it's good out and practice well. don't worry about anything els else. just give it your best and head coach decision and management decision on who will kick. >> i take my job seriously. i feel in when i miss kick i let the team and organize and fans down. and i just i take it personal. >>reporter: mane while niner all pro defensive tackle smith
9:57 pm
was back practicing today. check out the massive pad. i don't know how effective he is. smith missed last 2 games after tearing the muscle against the patriots. injury will require surgery this off season but the liners are hopeful smith can go in the play offs. >> matter of getting out there and going. i think like i said go out there and play and take a chance and be ready. i feel in lake i'll be ready. >>reporter: former stanford quarterback luck will get his first taste of the nfl play offs sunday against the baltimore ravens. luck great story what he has done with indy. only 2 wins last season now 11 and 5. he set a ridiculousie passing record with over 4300 yards. manning replacement luck is used to pressure and remains calm as ever heading into the first my off game. >> we have didn't a lot to get to this point. i don't think you need whole sale change things. obviously intensity will ratchet up. things will
9:58 pm
kitchen up a notch but trust same preparation same process and hopefully that will tl did it. >> oregon kansas state were on track to my for the national championship at one point college football season. both lost in november. which set up meeting tonight in the fiesta bowl. gym that featured the extremely rare 1 point play never even heard of this check it out. is this kellyless gym at other again. he could be nfl bound. doesn't take long for the duck to get on board. thomas is just a blur. 94 yards. aloha. he. 2 point conversion makes it 8 nothing duck. what a game for marcus. threw for 2 touch did you understand. are than for another one here. 31-10. now the extra point was blocked. kansas state recovers. they rae treat into the end zone and then good did you know. which
9:59 pm
is a one point safety. you probably never have seen that before. will never see it again. there it is. duck roll 35-17. only loss this year came against stanford. still enjoying the rose bowl victory some members of the cardinal football team have decisions to make. stay in school or turn pro. tight end earth is on pace to graduate this spring. 6 foot 6 inch earth from mont vista hay school led the nation in rae exception with a tight end with 66 catches for 8:37 yards. had 11 catches in that great upset we know of oregon. mike talked with him about the upcoming decision which has to be made by january 15. >> yes winning the game and even the past two years with the fiesta orange bowl is something very unique. big decision i have coming up. i don't know what i'm going to make. dead line the 15th so everybody will know before the then. >>reporter: not sure there's a pig reason for him to return to school. stanford would love him to come become

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